It’s 2014 Sustain-A-Raiser Season

Global Awareness Local Action


In celebration of Earth Day this year, Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.) shared a new Sustain-A-Raiser (S.A.R.) Starter Kit with all their community partners across New England. It’s 2014 Sustain-A-Raiser Season!

G.A.L.A. has been on tour, ramping up their grassroots’ effort in order to find  liked minded groups to help lead others in the building of various eco-ammenities in their communities, across the nation.  Sustain-A-Raiser’s include several options of raised garden beds, compost bins, clothes lines, cold frames, rain catchment systems and solar hot water heaters. The S.A.R. Starter Kit includes everything you’ll need to know to get started in your town including volunteer mobilization strategies, “how to’s” for building,  promoting…and much more.

Since the snow has finally melted, It’s officially Sustain-A-Raiser season. If you are involved in a youth organization, garden club, farmer’s market or any other group interested in helping to co-create a healthier, more sustainable future & would like to learn more…Check Out G.A.L.A’s. website.

It’s so rewarding as a volunteer to work in collaboration with others building community, minimizing our human impact and co-creating a better world, together.



NH Birding Workshop with Eric Masterson


The Ossipee Conservation Commission will be hosting a workshop with Eric Masterson, author of Birdwatching in New Hampshire. The community is welcome to attend this event at the Ossipee Library on April 10th from 6-8 PM. Light refreshments will be provided.

Masterson’s book is designed to appeal to expert and backyard birdwatchers alike, this comprehensive guide reveals where, when, and how to watch and enjoy birds in New Hampshire. It not only offers the latest information about the seasonal status and distribution of birds in New Hampshire but also features a thorough introduction to the art and practice of birdwatching, including equipment, ethics, migration, conservation, and most of all, finding that “good bird.”

In addition, participants can learn more about the habitats and wildlife found in the Ossipee area.

To find out more

Sharing the Gift of Kindness-On a Mission from GOD



As my birthday approached this year, I allowed myself some time to reflect on what was most meaningful in my life and what brings me the greatest joy. Of course spending time with family and friends came to mind. My husband was thousands of miles away for work and my immediate family came to celebrate and share dinner prior. Plans with friends had to be made after my birthday as schedules didn’t work out, leading me to realize the older I get…the celebration tends to last much longer than one day. Lucky me! I reminisced over childhood celebrations, presents and places that I had been, recognizing how much I am grateful for. My childhood desires and counting of days in anticipation aren’t as significant now that I am older. Instead of wanting more, I would rather give. In the past I had pledged my birthday for Charity Water which is still an organization I support, but I wanted to do something different this year, something that would have a positive impact locally. I decided to share the gift of kindness contributing a kind act for every year I’ve been alive. I was excited for the day! During our morning routine, I shared with my 10 year old son as he was getting ready for school what my birthday plan was, letting him know I already had five acts of kindness done just by helping him that morning. I cooked him pancakes, packed his snack, found him socks, untied his triple knotted sneakers and was driving him to school. Five down… and many more to go. After dropping him off I returned home feeling a sense of urgency. I was on a mission, an Aykroyd and Belushi Blues Brothers kind of mission. I was on a mission from God! While I was running around the house collecting various items to bring with me, my action plan formulated. I gathered food items, books, flowers, clothes and printed messages that said,”Today is my birthday & to celebrate, I wanted to do an act of kindness for each year I’ve been alive. Thank you for helping me to make my day even more special! Kindness…Pass it On!” I had everything I needed to achieve my goal. And I did! My birthday was perfect! To all my facebook friends: it was a blast, an adventure, a day full of blessings, terrific, one I’ll remember for a long time, special, fabulous & fun, great, filled with love and laughter, dance & song, a true manifestation for everything in my highest good! I’m certain the kindness I shared will continue to be passed on. I’m also certain that being the recipient of kindness was unfamiliar to many of the people I encountered.   Thank you to all of my friends and family for sharing your gifts of kindness with me, your phone calls & heartfelt messages. How truly blessed and loved I am. Forever grateful, Lynn Kindness…Pass it On CLICK HERE

Get Wild In The Watershed



School’s out and summer is here in the Ossipee Mountains. Seasonal visitors have begun to arrive more and more each week as graduations are getting wrapped up in our neighboring states. Many of our migrating visitors have arrived too. The loons are already nesting in the watershed and whip-poor-whill calls echo in the forest at night.The watershed is a space loved by all critters, two and four legged.

Our black bear came again recently to see what was available for food in the garbage cans. I’m suspecting it was a female because it came a few nights in a row. Males typically range up to 150 miles and females 10. But I’m sure a male who has learned naughty behaviors for getting food certainly could be a return visitor if he had success the first night. NH State Fish and Game recommend bringing your bird feeders in April 1st and not putting them back out until mid December. I know this makes it challenging for all us bird lovers, but when we provide bears opportunities for an easy meal we are contributing to them becoming a nuisance. The black oil seed that becomes a favorite easy food source for them brings them closer to humans and inadvertently closer to harm.  We are very fortunate there is adequate food, water, shelter and space to carry a healthy population of black bear in our watershed.

It is so exciting to explore all of our natural resources here in the Ossipee Watershed. Now that school is out, our days will be filled with outdoor adventure and discoveries. Today we are off to find some of nature’s treasure near the Beech River and of course we won’t forget to bring a bag in case we find any litter.

July 9th-August 24th my Get Wild In The Watershed series will be going on and Levi and I would love to have you join us. Young naturalists will discover more about our local natural heritage and wildlife, watershed sustainability and much, much more…

Read more about it here. We can’t wait to GET WILD IN THE WATERSHED!!!

Together we can create a world where every child can play, learn and grow in nature.


Thank you Green Mountain Conservation Group for everyone’s hard work ensuring the best water quality for us here in the Ossipees and beyond & the beautiful picture!

Nature Lovers of All Ages, Discover WILD NH

NH Fish and Game will be hosting it’s 23rd Discover WILD New Hampshire Day on April 21, 2012 from 10 am -3 pm. This event originally began as an observance of Earth Day and continues to be held around the same date each year. Conservation groups, Fish and Game partners, local and regional environmental advocates and nature enthusiasts of all ages will be gathering in celebration of nature. Whether you enjoy just being outdoors, or polishing up your wilderness skills, you’ll be inspired. This is a rain or shine event. You already know what that may entail living in the Granite State. Check out all that is happening throughout the day and Discover WILD, NH.

If you’re like me, you wish Earth Day was celebrated everyday. I couldn’t imagine life without starting my day being serenaded by bird songs or being connected to the rhythm of the seasons. Every life form, both seen and unseen, collaborating in unison building such a beautiful harmonic system is an incredible gift we all share and are part of. Our planet is what sustains us. The Earth is Mother to us all.

Now is the time like no other in the history of our planetary existence to work collectively and consciously to improve the quality of all life. The little baby steps do add up to create momentum towards positive change. Discover what resonates with you in our Wild world and become an advocate for environmental justice. If activism is not your thing, just allowing yourself time to BE in Nature will make a difference. You will be a better person when you make this connection.

Imagine if there were no litter or waste, clean air, water and soil. Imagine if the planet we are borrowing from our children was healthy and thriving and we all were teaching them how to care for it for their children.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of getting outdoors, sustainability or ways to discover your WILD side, here are some great resources. Imagine, create, explore and discover….


LET’s GO ,

Let’s Move,

Let’s Go Outside Revolution,

Hey, I almost forgot…Jane Goodall’s movie, Wild Chimpanzees is coming out too!!!


Vernal Pool Life, Yellow Spotted Salamander Migration


What a miraculous week we had here in theOssipeeMountains. The weather was unseasonably warm with Concord,NH breaking temperature records five days in a row. The 80 degree weather brought back the American Robins, my favorite harbingers of spring, which now share their courtship songs in the early morning hours, woo hoo!! Unfortunately those pesky mosquitoes and ticks are back too.


We went from having banks of snow almost four feet high in some places, to no snow at all in a matter of days. The shorts came out with enthusiasm despite our wintered skin, while snow pants and gloves were temporarily forgotten. Mother Nature played an April Fool’s joke on us last year, so packing away winter can’t happen just yet.


With the weather being so warm, I wanted to check on the vernal pool I have been monitoring for the last ten years. My boys and I finally experienced the migration of the yellow spotted salamanders last spring after many years of being disappointed. I understand it may seem strange to go into the dark wet woods on a cold spring night just to experience these nocturnal creatures, but once I learned more about how amazing they are, my curiosity grew. My desire to learn more brought me on a journey of appreciation that will never end.


I have cared for their eggs, released larvae back to the very sensitive habitat where they were born and have a much stronger awareness of our global interconnectedness with all of life on this planet. I know my family and students do as well.


Rain is in the forecast for the weekend, the first of the spring season. Although it is a month earlier than last year’s migration, after seeing the water level of the vernal pool & the dry forest floor, I think this will be the only opportunity for the yellow spotted salamanders to share in their dance, ensuring the survival of their species.


If you enjoy exploring nature and contribute to environmental sustainability in any way, I’m sure you will appreciate these resources.

Will Michael’s You Tube Channel is a great tool for sharing the yellow spotted migration with young naturalists.


The Roger Tory Peterson Institute

NH Fish and Game Wild Times

I had the pleasure of meeting David Carroll several years ago, truly one of our NH treasures. He’s my turtle friend( perhaps I’ll share in another post)!


Please share your stories from the field. Good luck and safe travels to all of our yellow spotted friends!




Never Ever Give Up, Love to the Rees Family

Lynn Clarke NEGU do you?


The day began with a light dusting of snow here in New Hampshire which barely covered the frozen ground. It seems rather strange not to have at least a good foot this time of year. However, many older New Englanders prefer it this way. We were treated with the magical flurries prior to this dusting just in time for us all to receive the gift of a white Christmas!


As we begin the New Year after all of our global celebrations of solstice to family feasts and gatherings, it is my heartfelt intention for us all to share many more blessings in 2012. I am grateful for these gifts we are about to receive during this rebirthing process of the New Earth and look forward to contributing to a peaceful, beautiful transformation.


Over the last few months I personally experienced a very strong desire to connect to Source and allow myself to go within and explore. Information was coming too quickly and my Spirit beckoned for retreat. I purposely have not been online in order to alleviate distractions so I could listen to my heart. I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment, each breath I was aware and all the love that I received, gave and witnessed during this time. Thank you to all who directly, indirectly, consciously or subconsciously expand their greatness and love to others. Our kindness, compassion, unconditional love and understanding are truly the greatest gifts we can share.

I wanted to share with you a very special young girl and her family who came into my life recently. From the first day I met her she brought Joy into my life!

Love and Blessings to the Rees Family and to Jessica Joy Rees for inspiring us all in so many ways teaching us to Never Ever Give UP! May your smile and courage always bring joy to others and your life be a celebration.


Lynn Clarke             [youtube][/youtube]

“Where Do The Children Play?”

I am so grateful for this week working on my new e-book and aligning with Source. My husband has been gone travelling for work all week, our youngest returned back to school and my 20 year old moved out (it’s easier the fourth time) . So it has been a quiet week with the animals.

I recently discovered a much clearer path on this journey called “Life”. Throughout my years growing up, ever since I was a little girl my wish on every birthday candle, wishbone, dandelion fluff…was always for Peace, Health and Happiness throughout the world.

My mother worked three jobs from the time I could remember. In her absence, I discovered Love through Nature. Mother Earth was my mother always, when my real Mom was away working  to support her four kids on her own.

I have been working for over a year and a half now as a CarbonCopyPRO affiliate, unveiling my entrepreneurial wings and helping others.

I Love underdog success stories and Jay Kubassek’s is one of the best!

I Love having the opportunity to share in another’s success.

I Love quality education.

I Love having the opportunity to take financial control of my life

I Love Being able to give back to our global community in a much bigger way

I Love Community & John Jackson!

Before joining PRO, I became an unemployed teacher. One of my boys was sexually assaulted & I was an emotional wreck. The injustices, our system, the loss of trust…Led me to lose faith in humanity. I listened to the The Morning Wake Up Call each day during my student membership. John’s leadership and inspirational stories resonated with me. I discovered something new about myself everyday I was on the call with him.

I Love Learning. I enjoyed taking the PRO U courses. I have definitely have greatly improved my skills in regards to on-line marketing, advertising, leadership and personal development. I also learned to Start with Why. I discovered “My Why” after taking Simon Sinek’s course, which is to “Co-create with the Divine to improve the quality of life for at least a million children world wide.” I told Simon that I wanted to help children when I met him.

Having time to reflect and go within this week, I’ve realized I haven’t been living” my why, my purpose.” I’ve been feeling it for awhile now. However, I recently have had an awakening.

I know I want to improve the quality of life for at least a million kids world wide.

And each day with PRO I would write articles or blog posts about working from home, creating financial freedom, spend hours training, implementing various marketing strategies and working on personal development so that others would join my team. My team members would want to help at least improve the quality of life for their children, so I planned on starting there. I figured when I was making more money, I would be improving the quality of life for my kids, my families’ and our local community as well. My income would grow, my team would grow and the amount of children helped would grow.

Everything I learned was exactly as it was meant to be in that moment. I enjoyed the journey and the growth process tremendously. However, there was so much that I’m passionate about that I was not including in my business, environmental sustainability, connecting children with nature and the arts & energy work. I was also trying so hard to make it all work I wasn’t spending enough time with my family or source in the best way. I was not in alignment. I can see that now, before I was not ready to see.

I wanted to take this time to thank my sponsor Adrian Hines for sharing the opportunity, marketing partner Aniko’ Fekete Giampietro for sharing her  Grace, Steve Nyhof for his friendship, Jay Kubassek for his vision, the PRO Community for their commitment to one another, all the incredible leaders for blazing the trail for others creating your own products but especially to John Jackson for showing up the way you do each and every day for yourself, your wife, your children, your community, the PRO community and for me.

John Jackson, You inspire me! Thank you for being with me on this journey.

The synchronistic flood gates are opening up all around me and I am aware of my alignment. I have so many fun projects I am working on encompassing what I am most passionate about.

My book  is a parent’s guide for helping children find comfort in the chaos during this transitional time on our planet.  Connecting children with nature is one such  opportunity we should provide them throughout the months ahead. While I was teaching in the public school system I taught naturalist programs. Definitely one of the highlights of my work day and an aspect of who I am that I wasn’t including with PRO. I tried by staying active with kids and conservation but I couldn’t possibly start with my why when just starting out.

This Cat Steven’s song came to me today. I may have heard it before when I was growing up listening to him, but I don’t recall. Just as my eyes weren’t ready to see my clear path, apparently my ears weren’t ready to hear the words of his song. I’m hoping to get permission to put it on my new website which will include building leadership and sustainability skills for Gen Y.


Peace, health and hapiness,

Lynn Clarke Energy Workers



P.S. Daegan Smith’s Inner Circle and Maximum Leverage also played a big part in my decision too. Many of the sponsors and partners in PRO are Inner Circle members and weren’t sharing what they were learning with their PRO teams. Total transparency is the way it should be to have the greatest Win, Win for everyone and that’s what Daegan teaches, truly.  I am excited to share an opportunity that people can afford and can immediately start getting results while leveraging Daegan’s advertising dollars and expertise. Leveraging another person’s advertising alone is so valuable but Daegan’s membership has so much more. The yearly membership is at a Crazy price right now and opportunity will be missed if you don’t grab your chance now.

P.P.S. If money is tight, there’s a payment option too!

“Holy Torpedo”, SEO Networker’s Dynamic Duo Are At It Again

SEO Networker


“Holy Torpedo”, Batman! What just hit us?

Wow, what a cataclysmic series of events that have taken place since The No Excuses II Summit led by Raymond Fong & Fernando Ceballos of SEO Networker. Launch after launch of new products created by industry leaders have been unleashed since the event. The dynamic duo of SEO Networker really got the creative juices flowing. Many of the presenters have since created new products contributing incredible value to the on-line community of entrepreneurs but what is even better is that the ripple effect is now happening. Attendees are launching their own products. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Aren’t we all here to provide incredible value, mentor others and celebrate their success?

Raymond Fong & Fernando Ceballos of SEO Networker do just that. I have been fortunate to have these guys in my inner circle with my primary company. I have yet to shake their hands, give them a hug or do shots of tequila with them, although I want to because they are both really handsome:-> I attended the Summit in the first ever Live Stream Event watching them weave their magic on stage. How can you not like these guys? I love being in their space whether it’s on a webinar, conference call, live event, or visiting their website.

Speaking of visiting their website, have you checked it out lately? They have a clean design that is attractive to the eye. There’s a lot to learn about copy, connecting and most importantly, search engine optimization. If you are have any interest at all in ranking #1 in the Google Search Engine, you will want to check it out. They provide a wealth of information to learn from in regards to SEO and getting the greatest ROI for your business. The ripples keep spreading farther and farther. You guys are great Ray and Fernie! It’s truly been a pleasure sharing in your celebrations on this journey. It’s exciting to watch the impact of what you both as individuals, as a team and as business partners have been creating to improve the quality of lives for others.

BELIEVE IN THE VISION, Create Your Best Life!

Lynn Clarke

P.S. Check out their website If You Want To See Them Without Their Masks shhh

Teacher Unemployment Numbers On The Rise

It is a tragedy what is happening in our local school districts. The budget crunch is depleting jobs in the public sector at rapid rates. Collective bargaining agreements are no longer available in many states. If you are experiencing teacher unemployment, I can empathize with you, I too became an unemployed teacher.

Recently on an NPR broadcast Sean Cavanagh, who covers state education policy for Education Week, was interviewed about the current cuts. Mr. Cavanagh shared that “inMilwaukee, 354 teachers will be laid off, inChicago a thousand. Nationwide the total estimated layoffs for school employees were around 60,000.”It is hard to wrap your head around this actually happening to our children nation wide.

As if the challenges of assessments, the increase of students at risk and over crowded classroom weren’t enough, can you imagine what an increase in teacher unemployment will have? The children didn’t have the support they deserved in many states before these layoffs occurred.

When I experienced teacher unemployment, I immediately began researching other options. Being resourceful is a skill we have learned to master. I was not willing to be a victim of the political agendas and economic downturn. I took control of my destiny and economy. I believed in my worthiness and would not allow the self sabotaging conversations to begin.

It was scary at first I have to admit, leaving my teaching job, my benefits, and my students. There are other ways however, if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone where you can use your creative talents and communication skills in service to others. I can share with you first hand trying something new was a relief compared to struggling financially and worrying about how my family and I were going to survive. Didn’t you always teach your students to “not be afraid to try new things and that they could be anything they wanted to be?” Well, the same goes for you.

Did you ever dream about writing your own book? Or helping more children around the world? Did you want to travel somewhere but couldn’t because of your school schedule? Did you ever feel as a teacher you weren’t properly compensated for all of the time and extra hours you put in? I know I have.

Our purpose as a teacher is to improve the quality of life for children. If you are experiencing teacher unemployment, know that you have other options.

What if I told you, I knew a way? This new way will absolutely boggle your mind. You will be able to work your own schedule leveraging the power of the internet. You are already internet savvy. No more late nights of correcting papers, bus duty or dealing with absentee parents. No more teachers’ room gossip to drag you down or worrying if a cyber bullying report needs to be filled out.

Instead of experiencing teacher unemployment, you can become a business owner working from home or wherever you wish as long as there’s internet access. You can use your skills and talents you already have, build upon them and generate your former annual salary in a fraction of the time. I discovered there were people on-line making my former annual salary by10 inthe morning. They generated that income while they slept.

I never knew this world existed from the confines of my classroom walls. I still teach but my audience is different. Now, my goal is to help millions of children across the globe.

Take the time to research your options available. Contact me if you are interested in learning more. Thank you for inspiring and empowering so many children and creating a better world.

Here’s another great resource!

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