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Name: Lynn Clarke
Date registered: September 8, 2010


Lynn Clarke, in her former life, taught our youth how to become life long learners while teaching in the public school system. Today she is committed to serving the global community, inspiring others to create a better world. "Our time here is short, let's make a difference together!" Lynn raises awareness for others to recognize their connection to the natural world shifting the paradigm for a new way to live on this planet.

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Lynn Clarke’s, The Broken Nest

The Broken Nest Recently there was a mighty windstorm in our area. Living near the Columbia River Gorge, storms like these are a seasonal occurrence. While inspecting the damage caused to the evergreen trees in the yard, I discovered a robin’s nest that was soggy and broken on the ground. I was familiar with their …

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Teaching Truth, Upholding Your Integrity

  Working as a teacher there are questions that you can anticipate in advance while reading a story or making cross curriculum connections with your students. And there are always those unexpected, out of the blue questions that really make you think how you are going to answer in a most truthful way while upholding …

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Mike Dillard creating solutions

A mentor of many of ours, Mike Dillard, shared this video on his newest company’s fan page wall, The Elevation Group. Mike had announced a few months back that he was pursuing a new venture to create a solution for what only a small percentage of us have been positioning ourselves for, the largest transfer …

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“Jonathan Budd shares the Love”

Hello my friends! I recently watched a video blog post that Jonathan Budd sent to his Get Traffic 3.0 Community and wanted to share the love. As a former full time teacher, I must admit that I did not know who Jonathan Budd was until about 8 months ago when I found myself unemployed after …

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The Oprah, David Bach, CarbonCopyPro, Hat-Trick

Lynn Clarke Energy Workers

At CarbonCopyPro’s sixth annual Master Marketing Event on 11/20/2010, I had the pleasure of meeting our Pro co-founders, industry leaders & spouses in addition to Simon Sinek and David Bach. It was an amazing day filled with excitement, training and inspiration. I am truly grateful for our community, the opportunities to share and the vision …

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Simon Sinek inspiring others to discover their “WHY”

This past weekend I had the privilege and honor of meeting Simon Sinek at CarbonCopyPro’s sixth annual Master Marketing Event. Simon has a gift for inspiring others which happens to be his WHY. “There is nothing that brings me more joy and happiness in this world than waking up every day with a clear sense …

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“CarbonCopy Pro, The Most Extreme Swarm of Entrepreneurs”

CarbonCopyPRO an Extreme Swarm of Entrepreneurs

    If you are learning new skills online navigating through tutorials or classes, absorbing strategies and resolving mindset challenges in order to bring your business to the next level, I believe it is imperative to change your physiology when you are faced with fatigue, frustration or overload. Especially while on the computer. I do …

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Who is Jim Rohn?

On my mission to submerge myself with personal development, leadership and mindset skills, a team member shared a business tool with me. It was a CD entitled Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn. I listened to the recording taking notes as each track played, taking in the wise words of this man. Working …

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Did you get the “Stop Dreaming Memo?”

Did You Get The “Stop Dreaming Memo?” I didn’t! If you are connected to your world around you, it is evident that we are collectively on a global level, going through a financial crisis. The unemployment rate is skyrocketing, retirement funds are being wiped out and countries are printing currency like monopoly money. People are …

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Gold & Silver Coins

Light of the World Commemorative Coin Walk with Christ (click on shop) (continue to shop) (enter IR#HZ629424) (click luxury&collectibles) A vision inspired by God teaching people to reach out beyond their personal lives and to help others find the reality of the spirit-filled walk with Christ. This has been the moral strength of the Full …

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