Love Lynn Clarke

We are Love! Our form can take many shapes and flow to infinite bounds. We are star dust shining it’s brilliant light revealing the All that is. We expand and grow. We are your essence.We are Love!

Our Soul’s journey is miraculous. I am so grateful to be alive here and now in this time space during our Awakening. Reflecting back upon my life’s work in the physical, I can recognize the significance of my experiences that lead me to where I am now. We all have this opportunity to grow and expand.

Ever since I was a young child, I remember having an inner connection with Our Earth Mother for she always nurtured me and kept me company while my maternal mother worked three jobs to provide for her four children.

I grew up in a Catholic, psychic family which was always interesting. My religious views have expanded vastly since,  as well as my abilities to connect to the Universal Life Force.  I will always hold the beautiful memories of my youth within my heart and release those that no longer serve me.

When I was a child I would spend all day outdoors exploring the field at the end of our road. It was during the time period when parents could allow their children to explore their world around them without having to worry so much. I was always catching critters, discovering something new, singing with birds and adorning myself with wild flowers. The frogs and dragonflies were my friends, cows were my amusement and everyday was a gift of abundance and treasure. I loved everything and everyone.

I always journaled from the time I could write. My inner most secrets first were written in my diary and kept under lock and key from my siblings. My entries always included my wish for Peace, Health an Happiness throughout the World.

My expansion for knowing Love grew in such exuberant ways when I became a Mother. The unconditional love that is shared with a child is such a miracle. The gifts that are exchanged are truly blessings to be grateful for.

As my responsibilities and accountability changed throughout my life I began seeking to find a better way to move through the universe for the benefit of the collective. I discovered the invisible world of energy and learned various ways to move it and free it’s flow to help others.

Serendipity has brought you here to open this door of opportunity to discover the Love that you are.

Thank you for allowing yourself this gift!

All my Love and Blessings,

Lynn Clarke Energy Workers



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