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I cannot begin to tell you what an extraordinary teacher and person Mrs. Clarke is. She has been at all times professional, caring and involved in everything we try to do for our students. Our teachers respect her hard work and dedication. Our parents appreciate her communication and follow through. Our students look to her for guidance and support. I admire her ability to accept challenges and willingness to participate-and her obvious love of children. She is always an advocate for her children.

Martha Wingate


Lynn is an imaginative teacher who plans interesting and engaging lessons for her students. She thoroughly understands learning theory and how it relates to student's success. Lynn is a dedicated and caring professional.

Leon Worthley


Lynn established herself as a caring child-centered educator, able to see every child as unique.

Nancy Drew


Mrs.Clarke is skilled in establishing an improved culture for learning. She provides lessons that demonstrate an understanding of instructional needs and how to engage students. She consistently uses information about student's background skills and interests in lesson planning.

Sandra McGonagle


I was so impressed with Lynn's good nature and ability to interact with the children. She is extremely creative and the children benefited from planting, creating masks, constellations and Native American crafts.

Barbara Litman

Reading Specialist

Lynn's activities were creative, using a variety of materials that integrated well with the curriculum/lessons being taught. Her rapport with the students was wonderful, full of caring and concerns.

Cindy Campbell

Master Teacher

Lynn demonstrates heart and commitment to her students. She has a passion for the environment which she shared with students and faculty school-wide through various programs she initiated or supported.

Carol Young-Podmore

Master Teacher

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