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Get Wild In The Watershed




Do you have a young person in your family who LOVES nature? Summer is here and our watershed in Ossipee, NH is a perfect place to explore and discover. Come and join wildlife educator, Lynn Clarke, and her little woodland friends Get Wild In The Watershed. Choose the camp session(s) that interest your child most. Alternative schedules are available depending on your family needs and sign-ups. Lynn is also available for birthday parties, family reunions or campground celebrations.

                                                       Lynn Clarke Wild In The Watershed

Camp Sessions to choose from:

Get Buggy!: Explore the insect world in a very special way. Learn about the important role insects play in the various habitats in the watershed. Find many of our six legged friends, identify features and create a critter to bring home. Young explorers will have the opportunity to examine close up specimens with magnifying instruments and learn how to collect data using the scientific process.


Woodland Wildlife: Young nature enthusiasts have fun searching for clues in the forest figuring out who has been there visiting before them. Learn to look for clues, tracks and animals that we share our forest with. Some are only seasonal visitors. Do you know of any? Who shares the watershed with us? Children also take part in games & crafts related to interesting animals living in our woods.


Watershed WOW!: What is a watershed? Your youngster can tell you all about our watershed once they participate in this camp series. Children learn the significance of how important clean drinking water is and why we need to protect it. They will participate in hands-on activities to help them learn more about our human impact and how we can be better stewards for Mother Earth. Young naturalists will have field experience testing for various parameters in our local watershed.


What’s in Your Compost?: Warning, these camp sessions are not for the squeamish! Your child will create a mini compost of their design, learn about balance in our natural world and get to watch worms in action. With parent permission, they can also bring home some for adoption while learning about best management practices for our local watershed. If your child loves to make a difference in the world they will enjoy exploring new ways to have a positive impact on our planet.


Wetland Power: If your child is a superhero fan, they will be amazed at how powerful a wetland is and how they save our world. Did you know we live in the largest stratified drift aquifer in the state? Here in the Ossipees we have some of the greatest natural landmarks you and your young naturalist may never even known about. These beginning naturalists will surely grow to have a greater appreciation for the powerful benefits of wetlands in our watershed and the significance of the critters who share this space with us.


Magical Spaces: Magic happens when you put kids in Nature. These campers will learn how to build forts without having to use hammer or nails. Come frolic in the forest and create homes for woodland fairies & Elemental Beings. Leave special treats and flower potions  honoring them for the care they take for our forests, air, water and wildlife. We’ll walk in the labyrinth and create beautiful woodland art together, sing songs and dance with our woodland friends.


Let’s Connect :There’s an epidemic among us, it’s called Natural Deficit Disorder. Kids today are spending more time in the cyber and video worlds than they are in nature. We are so fortunate here in the Ossipees that our children can still explore all the incredible beauty around us. Campers will connect to the natural surroundings with art, music and exploration while learning about the history and stories of our local indigenous ancestors. We all are interconnected with Nature and play an important role in the balance of life. This integrated art series is great for your young artist, musician or writer.


Weeks run from July 9th to August 24th  M-W-F from8:30-11:30 a.m.. Please contact Lynn to sign up for classes. Depending on interest and needs, schedules can be flexible.  Maximum 10 campers per camp session. Private celebrations numbers may vary. Call (603)960-0467 for details!







Together we can create
a world where every child
can play, learn and grow
in nature.

I am sure we will have a great summer series together!

Call Lynn Clarke @ 960-0467 for sign up information.




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